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As all of our data is custom built and researched, we can cover data services globally. Our particular strength is a very large data set for Asia.
a. The contacts provided have not opted in to your on-going marketing streams. They are B2B contacts and can be contacted with one-to-one emails as long as you are compliant with your local direct marketing regulations. We can assist with any questions.
b. If you require opted-in data, our sister company SalesPond offers opt-in and lead generation services that can be added to any data purchase.
No, DataList is a B2B contact provider only.
That depends on the Total Addessable Market and the criteria and number of contacts per account. The minimum order is 1500 records.
Prices vary from $1 upwards for custom built data and dependant on volume and target countries. Please contact us for your quote.
We have 4 types of data:

  • Firmographic/TAM/Addressable market
  • Standard record
  • Premium record
  • Tele-Verified record
Please contact us for your quote.
We commit to a 90% accuracy rate when data is shipped. Please note that this data will decay at around 10% per month due to people moving jobs.
This happens as people move jobs. If you find an inaccurate contact within 4 weeks of receiving the data, we will replace at no extra cost. After 4 weeks we cannot be held accountable for the accuracy of the data.
We have a large data lake of self-built/ researched/ acquired contacts. These are continuously being updated and added to by our research teams globally. Our sister company SalesPond makes over 50,000 calls per week to update contacts. Most importantly, the data for your business is custom-built for your requirements.
Yes we can build up to 100,000 contacts per month with a contract in place.
Our Data is updated on an ongoing basis. Typically we refresh our entire data set every 3 months. Our Data-as-a-Service option will be custom-built for you and delivered the same week it has been researched.
Yes we can build your custom target lists. If you would like to provide us with your wishlist, please Contact Us and a specialist will be in touch.
Yes. Before we start we will need to see what fields you require.
The best way to avoid double-ups is to provide us with an exclusion list of accounts and or contacts.

If this isn't possible we can provide an account list for you to wash.
Yes, our team is able to build data sets with this type of information.
Yes, we are fortunate to work with many great companies. Your account manager can assist.