About Us

Datalist is part of the SalesPond Group and was created as a result of our lead generation business.

Working with some of the best companies worldwide, we learned that most of them are still acquiring their data from the same sources.

The problem with these sources is two-fold:

1. accuracy (most are around 50-70% accuracy at best) and
2. most of these data sets miss about 20-30% of the available market.

Datalists' approach starts by identifying your TAM (total addressable market) and then working with you to identify your ideal personas within the market.

After this we hand over to our data research team who use a combination of our own proprietary dataset plus over 10 different data tools and some smart coding to capture the largest available data set for your business.

Put simply its’ like comparing an off-the shelf to a custom-made suit.
Nothing beats the quality and deliverability of data built freshly for your business.
As a truly global provider we can cover all languages and geographies.

Technology + human research = 90% reliable data

Trusted by some of the largest companies: